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Who We Are

Hi there! We are a small family business based in one of the top 4 wet markets in Singapore.
We created this website ourselves back in May 2020 when the circuit breaker significantly impacted our revenue, and managed to stay afloat thanks to it!

Our Products

Highest Quality

Order First, Pay Later

No risk of being overcharged or shortchanged of everything you ordered.


We provide customizable options for you to pick and choose which part of the fish you want and how you want it cut; not something that other online seafood retailers have!

Personalized Customer Service

Always contactable via WhatsApp, we are happy to share anything related to seafood (or as several hawkers have reached out; how to bring the business online)

Specialized Store

Fish is our expertise. We have a strong reputation in the market for our fillets and big fish that is not easily found in the market. We refine our knowledge every single day and take pride in the quality of our seafood.

Always Fresh

After decades of selling seafood, we have extremely strong ties with some of our suppliers. This means that we get our seafood at lower prices than others with priority given to us!

Fair Price Guarantee

As a family-run business, we are able to keep our profit margins small. This means that we are able to keep our prices well within market rates and can confidently put up the most competitive prices anywhere online.

Our Team

We Are The Best Team

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Ding Xin Seafood Family